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Welcome to Sukhibhava, a distinguished offering from the Ramoji Group. Set in the picturesque environs of Ramoji Film City, Sukhibhava is a holistic space that converges the principles of nature’s finest healing traditions to promote drug-less treatment and wellness. Using a combination of traditional and independent holistic systems - Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Yoga & Yogic Kriyas and Nutrition - we offer personalized therapies to rebalance the internal energies for cleansing and restoring complete wellness of the body, mind and soul.

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  • Naturopathy
  • Yoga
  • Nutrition
Holistic healing

Your body is your universeborder

Every human body is a unique universe filled with the five elements of nature, also called the Panchamahabhutas, - Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. What we think as illnesses of our body are due to an imbalance of these elements.
At Sukhibhava, we help people achieve a healthy transformation by achieving the rightful balance.

Ayurvedic panchakarma treatment

Feel healthy and peaceful
from withinborder

Sukhibhava offers holistic care for prevention and cure of chronic conditions through integrated therapies, lifestyle modification, detoxification and nutrition.

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International Therapy

Other Treatments

We also offer a wide range of other treatments for complete relaxation, detoxification and body cleansing.

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Leveraging on the medicinal benefits of ancient touch healing method.

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Formulated in the ancient times, delivered for today’s times.

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Yoga & Yogic Kriyas

Yoga & Yogic Kriyas

Helping achieve harmony of both mind and body for complete good health.

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Nutrition for body and soulborder

All systems of medicine regard food as a key component for healing in disease management. Through fresh food combinations, natural herbs and diet plans, our treatment regimen supports your body, harnessing its innate ability to heal itself without using medication.


Mrs. Annapurna

I had a brain stroke in 2014 for which I was operated for the clots in the brain. As a result, I had paralysis in my left hand and leg. I had been taking allopathic treatment along with physiotherapy. My situation was not improving much. Then I came to Sukhibhava and started naturopathic treatment. They are best because they do not interfere with the body's system. It helped me not only in having a good lifestyle, but also to overcome the ailments without any medicine and only through massage. Diet is the only medicine here. When I came here, I was not able to walk without support. I was walking with the help of a stick. Now I can walk without a stick. And there's a little bit of movement in my hand also.

Actor Karunakaran

I recently visited Sukhibhava, a wellness center with naturopathy treatment. I had surgery on my knee. They customized a treatment program for a week during my shooting at Ramoji Film City. It worked well with quick results. They have detox programs and experienced doctors with a well-equipped center. This is one of the finest wellness centers in South India.

Senior Manager of Bank of India, Chennai

I came to Sukhibhava for the treatment of my cervical pain and numbness which I have been suffering for the past one year. I have undergone the treatment of Sukhibhava for two weeks and the results are amazing. The pain and numbness got reduced by fifty percent. The reception here at Sukhibhava is very cordial and kudos to all the therapists who are doing an excellent job.

Dr. Ranganayakulu

My wife was suffering from a knee ailment for a long time. We were ready for a knee replacement as she had pain and swelling in her knee. But I thought of going for a safer method of healing and consulted Sukhibhava at Ramoji Film City. The treatments of the doctors were amazing, and now my wife is completely cured without any surgery. I am thankful to all the therapists of Sukhibhava.

Ramesh Babu Goud

I was suffering from spondylitis since long. I tried several kinds of treatment like allopathic, but everything failed to cure my pain. Then finally, he came to know about Sukhibhava from a TV advertisement. After I came to Sukhibhava, I found a solution. The infrastructure, doctors, and therapy techniques helped me a lot. They have naturopathy, Ayurveda, and many other natural treatment procedures. They also have accommodation facilities, and that makes it easier to stay comfortably and undergo the treatment. I am gradually recovering, and I am thankful to the team.

“Thanks to Sukhibhava, my Diabetes, which was uncontrollable previously, is now in control and I am able to walk again like before.”


“I was not able to find solutions for my Gastric troubles until I discovered Sukhibhava. Today, I am glad that I have chosen the natural way of healing.”

Entrepreneur, Hyderabad