The space for healing
and transformationborder

Good health is the basic necessity of life. While we are used to the conventional way of taking medicines and finding temporary, if not permanent cure, there are other natural medical systems that can help cure disorders without the need of any drugs. Using a combination of natural curing techniques such as Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Yoga and others, Sukhibhava aims to promote the concept of natural way of life with the core principle being "body can cure itself."


The basic premise stems from the fact that our body is made of Panchamahabhutas or the five elements of nature - Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. These elements manifest themselves in different ways within the human body and monitor and control the metabolism. What we think as illnesses or deficiencies in our body are due to the imbalance of these elements. Sukhibhava has been envisioned to help people achieve a healthy transformation from within and tread the path of wellness.

Our Philosophyborder

  • To promote drug-less and natural healing by leveraging on the gifts of nature.
  • To activate the body's innate ability to fight various health conditions and heal itself.
  • To encourage people to work towards adopting a natural way of living - the way the life was originally meant to be lived.

Core principles:border

  • All forms of disease are due to the same cause, which is accumulation of waste materials and the body's inability to accept them.
  • All acute diseases are self-initiated efforts on the body through accumulation of waste materials and all chronic diseases are the result of continued suppressions of acute diseases through harmful methods.
  • Our body contains a healing mechanism that has the power to bring the body back to normalcy.

The vision behind Sukhibhavaborder

Drawing the best from the ancient Indian tradition of healing and with a conviction that each individual is unique; the therapies we provide mirror the same tenet in our approach to the holistic wellbeing. The journey starts with assessing the individual needs and intricacies of a condition and ends with empowering an individual to allow the healing to happen to him or her. Sukhibhava committed to complete wellbeing mobilises one’s innate capacity for self-healing; as the wellness programs guided by our therapists and caregivers act only as the allies.