The Ecstasy Program

Sukhibhava's Ananda focuses on ancient healing realms designed to promote bliss, renewal, rejuvenation, joy and vitality. It contributes to relieve stress and bring in the vital energy practices that support a more balanced approach to life.

When the mind and body are out of balance, one's life will be in a state of constant turmoil and unease. A busy lifestyle can wreak havoc on your body and mind. Rejuvenating the body and mind helps you get your personal and professional lives in order

Ananda brings in a holistic combination of natural therapies, therapeutic and yogic kriyas to rejuvenate the body with ecstasy and bring back a positive rhythm of body, mind and soul. These programs are an integrated approach to experience joyful bliss.

Ananda's full body and mind therapies will iron out all the tensions, nourish the skin, deeply relax the mind and body and leave a person with total bliss.