Beauty Therapy

Sukhibhava's Lavanya and Suwarna programs offer a holistic approach to your skin care through a wide range of herbal beauty care solutions.

Your personality is the holistic representation of who you are and your skin plays a very important role in how you are perceived. Beautiful and healthy skin not only adds to your personality, it also boosts up your self-confidence.

The Lavanya & Suwarna program is a mix of traditional herbal and natural ingredients offering a wide range of therapies which stimulates deepest layers of the skin to eliminate scars and restore moisture and elasticity thereby enhancing skin color to bring out the natural radiance.

Lavanya & Suwarna is personalized for each guest and a suitable facial therapy is recommended based on the existing skin condition. The natural fruits, rich dry fruits and essential oils with a combination of natural body wraps ensure that the skin is free of all irregularities such as pigmentation, fine lines / wrinkles, acne scarring, blemishes to achieve the desired results.