The Stress Management Program

Sukhibhava's Manahtripthi focuses on the healthy lifestyle which aims at minimizing stress, creating positive changes and promoting synergy in your life.

Lack of concentration, memory, confidence, self-esteem, motivation, unnecessary worries, negative thinking, mood swings, depression, anxiety, irritability, frustrations lead to stress. As stress is also involved in other health issues like neck pain, back pain, stomach upsets etc.; it needs to be managed effectively.

Manahtripthi brings in a holistic approach by constituting a proven combination of natural therapies, therapeutic and yogic practices to free the body of stress and bring back the natural rhythm of body, mind and soul. These programs are an integrated approach to experiencing the calming effect.

Manahtripthi therapies aid in giving the much needed balance of mind, body and soul and bring in positive changes and synergy in life. It also promotes physical, psychological and spiritual wellbeing thereby revitalizing the body.