We have bundled up treatments into packages that suit a wide range of healing needs. Choose the package as per your requirement or talk to us to assist you in choosing one that is appropriate for your health condition.


A sleep enrichment program rendered using a combination of traditional natural therapies, yoga and relaxation techniques. It focuses on strengthening the mind to cope up with daily stress while improving sound sleep and stimulated nervous system, thus resulting in a healthier body.


A refresh and revital therapy delivered using a combination of Neuropathy-based body wraps, natural therapies, sauna and Jacuzzi. Helps renew body's vitality to its complete capacity, promoting long-lasting wellness.


A Sukhibhava Special, designed for overall wellness and internal healing. Rendered using a combination of Indian, Tibetian and Thai massages apart from specialized Naturopathy-based therapies and Jacuzzi.


A program designed to restore basic harmony within the body. Delivered using a combination of traditional natural therapies and yogic kriyas.


Designed to restore the emotional balance, the program uses a combination of Naturopathy based, specialized Ayurvedic treatments and yoga to deliver desired results.


A personalized yogic program designed for oneness, to achieve a balance of body, mind and spirit. Delivered using a combination of yogic kriyas.


A cleanse and revive detox program, it constitutes a proven combination natural therapies, massages and yogic kriyas to free the body of toxin build up and bring back the natural rhythm of body, mind and soul.


A beauty program designed to enhance the outer radiance of the body naturally by cleansing internally. It is delivered using a combination of natural facials and Naturopathy-based body wraps. This program stimulates deepest layers of the skin to eliminate scars and restore moisture and elasticity.


Designed to enhance skin color and bring out the natural radiance, this unique program constitutes a combination of natural body wraps and brightening facials to achieve the desired results.


A therapeutic stress management program that aims to relieve the body from stress piled over a period and raise the energy levels of the body by bringing hormonal balance and improving blood circulation. The program achieves its objectives using a combination of Ayurvedic and hydro therapies apart from circulatory massage and diet.


Designed to nourish and revive the body's tissues, this traditional rejuvenation program that constitutes a combination of Naturopathy-based therapies and relaxing aromatic massages.

Pain Management

A therapeutic pain management program that helps in alleviating pain through self-efficacy. Through systematic herbal and pain-relieving natural therapies, the program aims at activating vital joints thereby reducing pain and swelling.

Weight Loss

A holistic and personalized program for healthy and natural weight loss. It constitutes a unique combination of natural therapies including Naturopathy-based herbal body wraps and infrared sauna. No strenuous exercises, crash diets or high-end machines involved.

Other Specialized Programs


Relaxing Foot Therapy


Invigorating Head Therapy


Therapeutic Abdominal Manipura Therapy


Traditional Foot Ritual