The Emotional Balance Program

Sukhibhava's Prasanna is an ideal program to enrich your emotional wellbeing and life fulfillment. The focus through the program is to explore one's emotional habits, eating habits, relationship issues and current life situations with effective tools to restore emotional balance.

Emotional balance is the ability of the mind and body to maintain equilibrium and flexibility in the face of challenge and change. Often we get stuck with uncomfortable emotions and negative states such as anger, fear, worry, dissociation, self-sabotage or depression; agitation, impulsivity, anxiety, panic attacks and sleep trouble, which dominate our thinking process and give rise to inappropriate reactions that impair our ability to be at our best.

Designed to restore the emotional balance, Prasanna uses a combination of Naturopathy based; specialized Ayurveda treatments and yoga to deliver desired result to enrich your emotional wellbeing and life fulfillment.

Prasanna helps us to attain flexibility and promotes stabilization between our mind and body.