Cleanse And Revive: Detoxification Program

Sanjeeva's detoxification program boosts energy levels, supports digestion and weight management, reduces inflammation, promotes healthy skin, strengthens immune system and improves mood.

Our bodies have natural detoxification pathways, but with the increased toxic exposure we face in today's world, those pathways can become complicated. Various studies have indicated that healthy bodily detoxification pathways are an integral component of optimal health.

Sukhibhava's Sanjeeva brings all the holistic therapies together by constituting a proven combination of natural therapies, therapeutic and yogic kriyas to free the body of toxin build up and bring back the natural rhythm of body, mind and soul. These programs are an integrated approach to experiencing 'lightness of being'.

Sanjeeva therapies aid in giving the much needed relaxation to the body by improving the blood & lymph circulation, regularity of bowel cleansing, loosening up of tight muscles and over all psychological and physical well being. Holistic therapies are for cleansing body, mind and spirit. One can expect improved health on all levels including internal balance and increased energy and vitality.