The Pain Management Program

Sukhibhava's Peedanth program provides a natural and holistic approach to conditions like pain, swelling and stiffness in any part of the body like neck, back, knees etc.

Chronic pain interferes with your ability to enjoy life and often it fuels anger and depression, making things worse

Peedanth helps in alleviating pain through self-efficacy. The Peedanth program is a systematic and proven combination of natural therapies, therapeutic and yogic kriyas to free the body of the pain and bring back the feeling of refreshment, energy and rebalance. Apart from this, it also stimulates the blood flow, releases toxins and allows the body to naturally heal itself and restore suppleness

Peedanth therapies which are rejuvenating and indulgent experience not only reduce pain, but also help in rehabilitation too. Diet and yoga form an important aspect of Peedanth program.