The Sleep Enrichment Program

“Sunidra” is a therapeutic and preventive program that addresses depleted quality of sleep resulting from life's stresses and strains, as well as body imbalances which have an adverse impact on your health.

Today's hectic lifestyle and demanding work and living conditions may invite various sleep related disorders. This may cause you to experience disturbed sleep or get irritable, get anxious or find it difficult to focus.

Sukhibhava's “Sunidra” program offers a holistic and composite approach to enhance the quality of sleep and bring in the essential balance in your mind, body and soul. “Sunidra” draws inspiration from a mix of Traditional Ayurveda Therapies & Naturopathy Remedies. Your “Sunidra” program shall be customized to your specific body conditions and body requirements.

The program shall include Naturopathic Lifestyle consultation, Traditional Ayurvedic Therapy(ies), Herbal and Nutrient Remedy(ies) & Hydro-Aromatic Immersion. All therapies are administered by expert and experienced therapists under the close guidance of our Doctors. Also, a personalized, sumptuous but balanced diet shall be offered to ensure the best outcomes.

“Sunidra” programs are personalized for each guest. The duration, content & schedule of your “Sunidra” program may be best defined after a detailed consultation with our Doctors. “Sunidra” is offered for duration of 3, 5 & 7 days mostly. However, extended duration may be suggested by our Doctors, if felt essential.