Tanu Bhavathi

The Weight Management Program

Sukhibhava's Laghukarothi focuses on safe, sustainable long term solution for obesity and its associated health issues.

Over weight is the cause and risk factor for most of the other health issues which needs immediate attention. Increased weight, tiredness, sweating, joint pains, snoring, lowered confidence and self-esteem are some of the issues that need to be addressed

Laghukarothi emphasizes on right nutrition, yogic exercises, blending of Ayurveda and natural therapies, to rejuvenate and bring back the rhythm in the body. The ingredients used in the therapy are rich in vitamins that aid in nutrition and detoxification. These programs are an integrated approach to experiencing joyful bliss

Laghukarothi's therapy helps in boosting energy, losing weight, removal of toxins and much more. Life style corrections and dietary management are also done as a part of therapy