The Refreshing and Revitalizing Program

Sukhibhava's Vishrambh is a rejuvenating experience of complete detoxifying, exfoliating and revitalizing therapy. It also inspires positive and sustainable lifestyle by achieving new levels of health, performance and well being

A busy lifestyle can wreak havoc on your body and mind. Revitalizing the body and mind helps you get your personal and professional lives in order. It's highly important to take time to unwind every now and then. Revitalizing aims at nourishing the body from inside out.

The Refresh and Revitalization program is ideal for people looking for a gentle, relaxing wellness holiday.

Vishrambh's traditional and scientific blend of health and wellness program offers natural therapies, therapeutic and yogic kriyas which are customized for individual health and lifestyle to restore and resolve the underlying cause of one's health problems.

Vishrambh helps in physical and mental stimulation, well being, revitalizing the body, muscle relaxation, decreased pain and stiffness.